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Take for example a political change of head of Government in any country. While others will report on the basics of the event, our experienced reporters will bring to you the many ramifications of the change and how it will affect the country’s stability in the long run. This is what sets us apart from the other news portals.

There is another aspect to our site which is not directly related to news per se. We bring to our readers behind the scenes operations from the great world of news gathering and publishing of various newspapers and magazines. For instance you will find blogs on the means adopted by reporters to gather news so that the final content and print will be authentic and credible. This is quite different from simply reporting on routine events as is done by others in our genre.

Further, what makes our site stand out is the interactive approach we follow with our readers and visitors. We welcome contributions from dedicated bloggers about happenings in their locality that are crucial for the good of the people but have been neglected by the mainstream media. Our blog site also invites write-ups from experienced journalists and writers about their experiences in this field so that young and budding journalists can draw inspiration from them.

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